Love Expectations

What Are The Normal Expectations Of Love


Loving ManWhen people decide to stay together after dating for several weeks, they might start to develop a deep affection for each other. This can lead to a long-term relationship, or even marriage and one of the questions that they will have revolves the issue of love. It is easy enough to like someone because they share very similar hobbies that you have, or perhaps just make you feel good being with them. However, love is a completely different aspect of a relationship that defies tangible or definable proof and there are certain expectations that come with falling in love with another person.

Normal Expectations Of Love

There are quite a few normal expectations for love that you need to consider before you become disenchanted. Many people believe that love is unconditional, but it is very much based upon the actions of the other person. You may love them for a wide variety of reasons, stemming from what you like about the things that they do or say. You may develop deep feelings for this person, but they can fade very rapidly if they begin to change. Your expectations for love may be completely different from the other person’s. They may simply expect you to deal with the changes they maybe going through and that is never a good situation. Likewise, on a positive note, you should expect that the more time you spend with each other and the more positive feelings that you experience, can develop into a much deeper and solid relationship.

What To Never Expect

Although this may be regarded as a bit of cynicism, you should never expect someone to just love you. There has to be a reason, not based upon having years of time together, or because that’s how it used to be. You must always provide some verifiable proof that you are actually still in love with that person or show signs that you still care. Love is about being with that person and accepting who they are, but it’s also about taking their perspective into account. Never expect someone to just deal with your negative side and find a way to resolve these issues. Love is a work in progress and should never be taken for granted, even if you once felt a strong amount of love for each other.

Love can be one of those very fickle discussions that people will debate on for generations to come, but it really comes down to one simple thing. It’s about looking at things from the perspective of the other person, recognising what they expect and then trying to do your best to show them that you care.